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“Dr. Larry Brown Orthodontics” (LBO) was created for the convenience of the doctors, that is, to help them get organized as they start a career in orthodontics and to help them as their careers progress. All the necessary instruments and orthodontic materials that are needed for patient treatments using Dr. Brown’s system can be obtained from LBO at humane/affordable prices.

Dr. Larry Brown is a widely renowned lecturer of orthodontics, and because of the success over the years by the thousands of doctors worldwide who have followed his lectures, his treatment system has been “time-tested” to be highly effective. In Poland, where Dr. Brown is in his 10th successive year of presenting his Orthodontic Seminars of California: Training Seminars and Level II courses, this is affirmed by the undiminished attendance at the courses from which already more than 800 doctors have graduated. For the most part, his seminars have given the attending doctors the ability to provide a vastly superior level of treatment to all their patients.

Practical knowledge and “hands-on” helpfulness are provided to the doctors during the courses. The doctor participants learn the treatment system of Dr. Brown which is artistic, logical, simple and providing consistent orthodontic results and beautiful, facial esthetics.

Dr. Brown’s lectures are not commercially motivated, as is seen in many lectures, where the principal goal is to sell a certain, usually overly expensive product that is of questionable benefit except to the owners of the company.

A perfect completion of the courses is the textbook by Dr. Larry Brown: “The Art of Modern Orthodontics”, which is a 700 page compendium of his treatment system.

All are invited to profit from Dr. Brown’s 35 years of experience with Straight Wire Appliance orthodontics. Together we can create beautiful smiles and happy patients.

The LBO Team: Leading the way in education and in orthodontic products.




The Art of Modern Orthodontics

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